Sunday, 11 December 2011


The pain tattoos failure upon my skin
The worry etches years onto my face
The hurt scribes sorrow around my eyes
But still I carry on.

I try my best not to surrender
for to bend and buckle under the strain
would be akin to admitting that in this life
I don't wish to continue.

I refuse to entertain the thoughts
of suicide that once overwhelmed my brain
to end up on a gurney with a drip in my arm
was not how I saw my attempt to end it all.

But life takes us on many journeys
and from each I try to learn
to look on life with positive eyes
and turn struggles into light.

My scars I wear with pride
for they are not merely scars
but battle wounds.

My past cannot be eradicated
but why should I want it to be
when it has shaped me?

I cannot say I am a positive person
nay cynicism and pessimism are my default

yet I truly believe that I have more to achieve
and so I will endure and won't
let the pain annihilate me anymore