Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Once I was a lonely girl
Immersed in my own thoughts
I spent my time pondering
The meaning of this life.

I knew not why I had no friends
I didn't understand
The reason behind my loneliness
And my sadness had no bounds.

I wondered why it seemed to me
That everybody else
Was happier without me there
And didn't want me around.

I came to a point where my life had to end
I could not take any more.

The end was nigh
It had to come
There was no other way
To escape the prison of my mind
The bars that would not bend.

I survived the attempts
With many scars
And grew tired of those
Who sought to interfere.

I now see that the loneliness
Was of my own creation
People would without intent
Overlook my presence.

I had to stand up for myself
And declare that I now was
A being with value
Recognisable as a person.

Now I am not lonely
But I value solitude
I can be alone with my own thoughts
And not despair of life.

Life experienced and lessons learned
Add depth to my mettle.
Knowledge that cannot be overlooked
Cannot be pushed aside
Make me, myself, an individual
I must recognise and respect.

Do not assume you understand
Or know what one is feeling
For when they say "I'm fine"
You know not what is truly there.