Friday, 14 December 2012

Depression is an iceberg

Sadness evolves
Sadness expands
It turns into a sinking ship
That hits an iceberg called depression

Once you hit that iceberg
You're going down
There's no escape
You drown.

Drowning and suffocating
Trying to tread water
Sinking slowly deeper
Down to the bottom.

Once you hit rock bottom
They say the only way is up
What about those who just sit there
Frozen in place?

Frozen in time
Doomed forever more
To hide away
And ponder overmuch

Thinking hurts
Thinking blinds
Thinking turns you
From happy to sad.

Happiness is all a lie
It never existed at all
It was just a coverup
A mask for all to see.

Masking the truth
Hiding my fears
Presenting a face to the world
How can I continue to exist?

My existence is a facade
I pretend to be alive
Inside I feel dead
Numb to the world.

Being numb is scary
It feels like there's no end
This will never go away
And further I descend

Sinking down below
I discover new depths
The deepest waters of depression
Close above my head.

Down and down I go
Sinking forever more
Down and yet further
Til there is no more.

I've reached the end.