Friday, 19 October 2012

Walk away

The revelation is sudden
It comes as news
I am not the problem
The issue to solve?

Others suffer too
At the hands of my abuser
Others take the toll
Take the pain and know the truth.

Being bullied stole my life
My confidence, my belief
It took away my courage
And left me an empty shell.

Gradually I rebuilt myself
Starting from the ground up.
I came to realise the sad truth
The culprit would not change!

The option left to me
Was to attempt to change myself
I took a course and taught myself
A different way to live.

I still bear the scars
And the fear of approaching him.
For what is the point
when all that awaits me is grim!

Life takes its turns
And it gets to a point
Where all one can do
Is walk away.

I will,
I must,
I have to,
So that I can survive.