Friday, 22 March 2013

It's a lonely world

It's a lonely world
up in my head
I see people talking
can't hear what's said

It's a lonely world
Here on my own
I see people laughing
Near me they just moan

It's a lonely world
When you sit apart
I see people smiling
It just breaks my heart

Those people don't see
I'm sitting right here
Those people don't see
I wipe away a tear

What kind of world do we live in
When people don't see what's right there
What kind of world can we survive in
When people don't even care

People are so self absorbed
They don't see the battle I struggle to fight
They don't see the pain or the suffering
They don't see the endless night

I sit here surrounded by people
They talk, they laugh, they smile
No one seems to notice me
I walk, I run, I hide

I sit here truly alone
But for the voices in my head
I'm warring with myself you see
They think I'd be better off dead.