Thursday, 15 November 2012


It's devastating
When a person you love
Shuts you out.

Thoughtless actions
Have consequences
Thoughtless comments
Cut and hurt

But the reaction
Should never be
To alienate your friend

Can't you see how I feel?
Can't you see I hurt?
Can't you tell how much
Your silence pains me?

I feel cut to the quick
I feel numb yet
Every nerve is on fire
I feel alone

My closest friend ignores me
She doesn't respond to me
I feel hurt and alone
I want to disappear

Doesn't she know I need her?
Doesn't she know I cry?
Can't she tell she's hurting me too?
To a point of no return.

This is my final call
A call to say goodbye
After this you'll hear no more of me
And maybe I will be at peace.