Friday, 30 November 2012


These feelings that fill me
They aren't so good
These feelings that threaten to overtake me
They absorb everything else

I feel alone
I feel distraught
Constantly at breaking point
I feel despair

I despair of my life
Ever turning around
I want it to end
To feel better again

I cannot talk about it
All I want to do is cry
I cannot even tell myself
The reasons why

I try to distract myself
I try to do other things
But nothing can deter
The overwhelming feeling

I feel so numb
At times I wish to end
Instead I redirect
The feelings into pain

It hurts so much
I cannot express the sorrow
In any other way
Except with the pain

I despair of things changing
I cannot act normal
I attempt other activities
But all I do is retract

I turn inwards
And silently observe
Until it gets too much
And I have to leave

So this is it,
The end.
I'm done.
Good bye.