Sunday, 20 January 2013



Sitting on my bed
Watching the snow
I feel awful
My thoughts are sluggish and slow

Sitting on my bed
Wrapped up in my quilt
I feel dreadful
Shaky, emotional, full of guilt

Sitting on my bed
Nursing my poor throat
I feel guilty
For being scared to brave the road

The guilt makes my cold
Feel a thousand time worse
The cold makes me
Feel like I've been cursed

Cursed to feel pain
My head, my throat, my nose
Cursed with fear
Of going out and braving the snow

A cold is such a stupid thing
Yet it can make one feel so unsure
A cold cannot be cured with meds
How I wish there was a cure

Yet like everything in life
It's something I must deal with
With all that's happened in the past
You would think I could cope

Yet my cold makes me feel weak
It makes me feel down
I cannot seem to find the strength
To build myself back up

This too shall pass.